City of Inman

Sewer System Improvements Division I

Summit assisted the City of Inman with the planning, funding acquisition, design, permitting, bidding, and construction administration for the repurposing of an existing dated wastewater treatment facility to a regional sewer pump station and the major upgrade of the municipality’s primary wastewater treatment facility.

Project Purpose:

The Inman Mills Water and Sewer District was being dissolved and turned over its wastewater collection and treatment system over to the City of Inman. After assuming ownership of the system, it was determined that the Inman Mills WWTP was struggling to remain in compliance of its wasteload allocation due to inflow/infiltration and was expensive to operate. As such, it was concluded that the most feasible solution was to convert the existing Inman Mills WWTP to a regional sewer pump station and transfer is demand to the City of Inman’s 1.0 MGD WWTP for treatment. Summit assisted the City in the acquisition of funds via grants and loans from USDA Rural Development.

Project Description:

Improvements at the Inman Mills WWTP consisted of:

  • New influent screening structure
  • New wastewater lift station and associated forcemain
  • Conversion of the existing aeration basin to an equalization basin
  • New SCADA system
  • New generator set
  • And demolition of the remaining facilities

Improvements at the City of Inman WWTP consisted of:

  • New screening and flow monitoring structure
  • New influent pump station
  • New 1.0 MG equalization basin
  • New transfer pump station
  • SCADA upgrades

The project was completed in the summer of 2010 with a final construction cost just over $4.5M