GIS & Surveying

Field data collection is essential to the services we provide. Summit provides in-house surveying and GIS services. By offering these services in-house, we are better equipped to control project schedules and provide the full breadth of consulting services to our clients.


Our licensed surveyor has over 42 years of experience and is very familiar the various levels of detailed required for each respective project. Our staff is well-equipped to provide an array of surveying services, including:

  • Design surveys
  • Construction layout/staking
  • As-built surveys
  • Boundary surveys
  • Topographic surveys
  • Alta Surveys
  • Property research

In addition to our company’s project needs, we have provided surveying services to various clients, including: Duke Power, Clemson University, and Milliken. We have also provided surveying support to other engineering firms including Black & Veatch and Hulsey McCormick, & Wallace (a KCI Company).


Summit offers turn-key GIS services to our clients, from field data acquisition to the construction and maintenance of geodatabases. We provide survey grade GIS services as well as mapping grade, allowing us to tailor the project deliverables to the client’s needs. The staff at Summit has mapped thousands of miles of water, sewer, electrical, and gas infrastructure for various clients including, but not limited to: Anderson County, Town of Blacksburg, City of Union, City of Inman, Goucher Water Company, Draytonville Water District, and Town of Jonesville. We pride ourselves in building a lasting relationship with our clients and becoming an extension of their staff.